Book Haul 2 -Dec ’17

Well, at our school we hold a Half Price Book Fair twice a year thanks to Scholastic Publishers. I brought a fair few books to add to my collection (not all pictured) but £40.00 for 12 books as well as other miscellaneous stationary was a steal and an amount I was more than happy to pay. One that makes me very eager for the next sale in July…

10 of the 12 books that were purchased at the Book Fair (apologies for the quality of the photo).

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay – J.K. Rowling


I read this book because I am entirely in love with the Harry Potter series. I read a few pages of this before I got entirely bored with it as I detest reading scripts, my option to overcome this was to open up the DVD of the film and put it on at the same time so that I could listen to the speech while reading the stage directions that went along with it.

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