Book Haul 3 -Feb ’18

Due to working in a school, I don’t often get a chance anymore to go out with my Mum and trawl through charity shops as we used to almost daily. This last week has been half term so naturally we have had to fit in a few months worth of shopping in that short amount of time and I didn’t do too badly if I do say so myself.


The first book that I purchased for myself, which is not in the group shot above, was the British Library version of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K.Rowling.


I had already brought myself the History of Magic that had been released at the same time but this book had been out of stock every time I looked in the shops, when I saw this book in Costco for £10.99 I decided that I had to buy it even if it were cheaper in the other shops that I had seen it in before Christmas.

I decided to buy this book and one other (Memoires de Sully) because I was really eager to go back to reading a book in French and these two were the only ones that I came across on my shopping trip. Only one is pictured as the Gold tooling on the other book would not photograph without layering itself 3 or 4 times in the image to create pure confusion.



This book is one that is written by James Patterson that I didn’t already own which is rare (I already own 94 of his books). It is a murder mystery that is about an interview that is taking place and the murder that occurs just meters away from the interview, cutting it short and throwing the reporter into the middle of a mafia war in New York as he captures a vital piece of evidence on the events that took place.


This book is a compendium of stories that were written by Isaac Asimov on the subjects of humans, robots and morality. These stories are then tied together with the idea of the stories being told to a reporter who is the narrator for the sake of this book. I love books that fall into the classic Sci-Fi genre and I am yet to read this book so I had to buy it when I saw it in a charity shop for 50 pence.


I have read this book before while I was at school and I thought that it was brilliantly written. It was not a book that I already owned myself though which needed to be rectified so that I could reread the book and have my own copy for any future re-reading of it that I wish to do.


Alongside this book, I also brought a non-fiction book that ties in with the theme. I have always been interested in this period of history and the events that took place within the Second World War and this summer I am going on a tour of the places in Europe that played a major part in the tragedy, including Bergen-Belsen. This journal was one that was written after the camp was freed by the Medical Student who went there to try and assist with those that were there and ill or injured when the camp was liberated, written for his mother so that she was able to find out about the things that he had seen while he was there.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige is a book that we have in the library and that some of our older students read when it came out, and all loved it. I decided that I was going to give the series a try but I never ended up getting around to borrowing the series from the library. I saw book one in a charity shop and knew I had to get it so that I could get take the plunge into this series finally. I am a fan of reading books that are a retelling of the classic tales (admittedly, they have not all been good) and I hold out high hopes for this one.



The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is one of the books that was put onto the reading challenge list for our current Year 7’s and I saw this book, a far nicer edition than we have in the library, and took the impulse to buy it, especially since my mother picked it up to read it when we were out together. This book is the tale of Edward Tulane, a china rabbit that goes through a whole adventure in his lifetime with different people, names, places, and emotions. Not a book that I had heard of until it was on the list given to our Year 7s, but one that (with this cover) it instantly attracts the reader in.


A book about a boy, Simon, who is gay but not open about this fact as he goes through High School. It turns out that his secret may not be so secret after-all as his emails are being used to blackmail him and his crush Blue who is becoming more and more flirty with each email. Junior Year has never been so complicated.

12-year-old Hazel has spent her life trapped in a magical Glade created by her mother, Hectate. Desperate to meet other people and find out about the world, Hazel gets her wish when her mother is kidnapped by a demon. She discovers that she has magic and accidentally creates a companion in the form of a grumpy dormouse for her familiar. In the world she finds outside of the glade, she befriends a boy and his master who hunt demons, and witches…



First book in the Wind on Fire trilogy and the story of twips, Kestrel and Bowman. It is about their journey with their friend to try and return happiness to their cruel, walled-in city of Aramanth. I had previously read this book when I was in Year 7 at school because we were studying it for English but I was the only person in my class who actually liked reading this book. Even if I chose not to read this book in fear of it never living up to my memory, I had to buy this book for the sentimental purposes.

I apologise to everyone who follows this blog for the break in uploading anything. I am so sorry that there has been nothing coming from me but, and I have to be frank, I was too busy considering the idea of another suicide attempt to even consider being able to write anything. While that desire has not gone, I am going to try and do better at writing and posting for all of you.

Thank you so much!


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