Grimm’s Fairy Tales for the Young and Old – Brothers Grimm (Ralph Manheim)

The Frog Prince or Iron Heinrich

I have always loved the stories that were written by the Brothers Grimm and, although I love Disney, I was looking to read the un-disney-fied versions of the stories. More original versions of the stories.

Quite frankly, I should have realised from the title, this book is not as close to the originals as I hoped, a lot of the ‘spookiness’ of the tales and the monsters held within were edited out and most stories seemed to have the premise of a King who needs something doing, a peasant who completes the task, and a princess that he then presents as a reward for doing so.


While it was not the kind of stories that I naively thought it would be, it was a good book all the same. It contained 211 tales written by the Brothers Grimm which led to an interesting read with so many tales to take in, but also a fragmented read for the same reason.


Each of the stories presented a new set of characters and a new journey to be undertaken so it was a tough book to finish in one go because there was no story-line to hook you in, there was 211. The only reason that I persevered with reading this book was that a student decided to challenge me into a speed read competition with the books that we were currently reading and this was the one that I was working through.


My favourite tale in this book was, without a doubt, the tale of The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids. It was my favourite Grimms tale as a child and I had the book, as well as a cassette tape and it was EXACTLY as I remembered it, right down to the last detail which through me back to the nightly playing of the cassette before I went to bed.

5 out of 5 stars

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