Cloud Busting – Malorie Blackman


This book is one of those that we have on the reading list that was created for our new Year 7s to try and get them to read bigger books but also a larger variety of authors than just Liz Pichon and Jeff Kinney.


It is not a book that I probably would have picked up for myself to read but this was one that was given to me and a volunteer in the library by a teacher with the command to read it as we were sat there as we would be able to finish it that afternoon.


It is a book that is told through poems but this suits the book as it is all about a boy being forced to write poems for his English lessons and the things that he wants to write about. Cloud Busting is a book that touches upon the idea of bullying, and taking it to the extreme at one point, but in a way that children would be able to read it and see the consequences that bullying can have on a person.


Sam, the school bully, teases a boy relentlessly for his holey clothing, his word for Pins and Needles, anything he is able to think of to pick upon. This all changes when Davey then saves Sam’s life one day and they become fast friends because of this event. It is when he lets out a secret that things get bad for Davey when Sam’s ex-best friend steps in to fill the School Bully role that has been left open and Davey distances himself because of this betrayal of trust.


The two boys spent days Cloud Busting (hence the title) but one day it is only Sam doing this preferred pasttime rather than the two of them as it should have been. Things aren’t so creative without Davey there but he simply cannot forget the other boy.

I want to write a poem about Davey

Because now he’s gone

And I can’t get him out of my head!

This book is definitely worth a read and it was one that I managed to get finished within that lesson, so it can be read in under an hour if you are an avid reader (some of the students who have read it, take as long as a week to finish the book but I am yet to see one of them read the book without them then influencing their friends to do the same).

5 out of 5 stars

Accelerated Reader Information

Level: 3.3

Points: 1.0

Interest Level: MY

Quiz Number: 207457

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