Once – Morris Gleitzman


This is the first book in a series that comes highly recommended by several members of staff at the school so I decided that I was going to give it a try and see if I found it equally as appealing.

It was not a book that I had heard of before I began working in the library, nor was the author, but when I had so many people loving the series, I thought it worthwhile to read so that I would be able to recommend it to others who I felt it suited.


This book slipped through my net for a long time until it was recommended to another member of staff and he came in the following day, demanding the next book in the series (he was practically in tears when he found out he had to wait for book 5 to be delivered before he could read it as he had to know the ending).


‘Once’ was gathering such a following with the patrons in the library that I could no longer resist the call but as soon as it was read, I was able to understand why people loved it so much. Only the first installment of a gripping series but it held so much power to catch even the most reluctant reader.


It is a series that follows the story of children who are running from the war and find each other. It is their friendship that saves them in the end as they band together to escape tragedy and seek a safe place to stay so they don’t need to run anymore.


A book that everyone should read as it gives the perfect representation of a child running in the war and their thoughts and feelings as they do so.

5 out of 5 stars

Accelerated Reader Information

Level: 4.1

Points: 4.0

Interest Level: MY+

Quiz Number: 212034

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