Coraline – Neil Gaiman


This book was read because I had seen the film when I was younger, before I found out that it was a book. As soon as I had figured it out, I read the book and have since read it several more times.

This is the story of a girl called Coraline who thinks that her life is the most boring and unfair life that any child can have with parents who simply don’t care. It takes her ‘other parents’, a talking cat and a magical world to show her that it is her real family that she loves, not one where she could have everything imaginable.


I love the way in which the characters are developed in both of the worlds, often the polar opposite of how they are in real life. This is show in the film via the inversion of colours between Coraline and the work around her. The Other Mother is in the book more than her real one so could be argued that she is more developed but this character is thought to be the most terrifying character within the book. It has been claimed to be one of the scariest childrens’ books that has been written although I can’t say that I have ever found it scary. I understand that some people may see it as scary though as I had another member of staff read the book in the last few months and it took her weeks to finish it as she was constantly scacred by it and had to stop reading until she could face the next part.


It took me a couple of days to read this book as I started reading it quite late but I think if you were to read it all in one session, it would take you a few hours to get through it all, longer if you are reading it in chapters with children, although I wouldn’t recommend it being a bedtime story when they are young.


Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway.

With how frequently I have read this book, and how often I recommend it, I will clearly continue to do so, starting right now…

5 out of 5 stars

Accelerated Reader Information

Level: 5.1

Points: 5.0

Interest Level: UY

Quiz Number: 205839

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