The Lost World – Arthur Conan Doyle


This book is one that appeared in the Digital Library on my laptop when I was looking for something new to read and fancying a relatively short, and therefore quick, classic story. It was one that I decided to choose as I had read some of his other works (Sherlock Holmes) and knew that he wished not to be remembered for his most hated character of Sherlock alone.

This story is not one for those wanting an easy read. I consider myself to be rather well educated in the matters of the English language, though it is one of many, and yet this book threw me for a loss. Within the first few chapters of the book I needed to get out my dictionary to begin looking up words. Admittedly, I love learning new words and will write them out in a specific notebook so that I am able to look back upon them and learn them properly.


It was another work that was published in the Strand Magazine, 1912, across months as well as being released in book format. I have not read the other books in the Professor Challenger series although I did rather like the character being more tempered than Sherlock Holmes, in a way making him seem more real to me.


While I enjoyed the plot of the story, dinosaurs being around today and the discovery of them residing on a plateau within South America, the way in which it was written threw me. I have never really been a person to choose to read a book that has been written in the style of blog posts or letters but the length of each of the letters made it seem more like chapters than you normally find in that style of book. As it was being narrated by a journalist who was reporting back to his editor, it makes sense for the story to have been done in this media.


It wasn’t an overly long read so I am able to agree with the conclusions that it is a quick classic that allows you to finish it within a few hours if you are hoping for a short break from the more contemporary writings, just make sure you have the dictionary nearby unless some sort of English Scholar…

4 out of 5 stars

Accelerated Reader Information

Level: 7.8

Points: 13

Interest Level: UY

Quiz Number: 220609

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