One – Sarah Crossan


This was one of the first books that was recommended to me when I joined the school staff as a librarian, by the other librarian, teachers, and students. I read it for the first time on the coach to France and had it finished by the time that we arrived at the first destination.

I found a copy of this book in a charity shop in Sussex while I was at a Jousting Tournament (bit of a strange life that I lead) and I decided that I was going to buy it for myself to reread the story, this time it was done in the couple of hours that it took to get home.


The length of the book is one that is highly deceptive due to the number of pages (a fact that freaked out my sister-in-law when she watched me start and finish the book by the time that we had crossed the Channel). Poems being the make-up of the book mean that the story is told in a way that is easily broken down if you are stopping and starting, while allowing you to finish the story in a number of hours.


A story of conjoined twins, Tippi and Grace, and how their family come to survive by allowing a TV show to be made of their lives, when their father loses his job. I love the way in which the characters have realised and developed through the poems progression. Although she isn’t in it for the entire book, my favourite character remains as Dragon, Tippi and Grace’s younger sister. I think that is purely because she is the character to which I can relate.


It is a book that tackles the idea of people being ostracised for the way that they look or a taboo illness that the sufferer had no choice in. The author also includes a character will an Eating Disorder, not hiding any of the subjects or characterisations that other authors may avoid in their own writing.


This book is one that I would continue in passing along by recommending it to others as it had been recommended to me, in fact I have already continued to recommend the book to other students who have in turn told their friends. It is a book that I can see having a long life in the school library as it is recommended to more and more students and staff.

5 out of 5 stars

Accelerated Reader Information

Level: 5.2

Points: 4.0

Interest Level: UY

Quiz Number: 229042

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