The Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff – Andy Seed


Awful. That is all that I really have to say about this book, absolutely awful.

It was on a list that our team of Year 7 teachers found that they decided to use as the Reading Challenge for that year group. I went and brought a copy for the library and so far it is the only one that is a waste of the budget.


I understand that it may be amusing for the students when it is filled with chapters or sections of funny names of people and places, personally I did not care for the fact that there are currently no plans to cover the Eiffel Tower in breadcrumbs. It isn’t a book that I believe holds any merit as a book that you MUST read before you’re thirteen as there is no useful information and the humour is all in lists. While nothing they said was factually inaccurate, there really isn’t a plan to cover the Eiffel Tower in breadcrumbs, it is also not of any use.


The author creating a humourous book would have worked in my opinion as a fact book that our kids would read, by being SOOOOOO far out there with their information, however, it isn’t worth the read in my own opinion.

1 out of 5 stars

Accelerated Reader Information

Not on Accelerated Reader (clearly they didn’t think the book worth it either).

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