Book Haul 1 – Oct ’17

So, here is yesterdays mini haul to break the monotony of would be reviews only. Brought from various places for various prices but all equally intriguing and important to me.

All of the mini-haul.

Firstly I brought a book on Greek Mythology as this is one of my favourite periods of time (joint with Norse but when you live in a house that you have named Valhalla, there has to be some love of mythology). This was obtained from Oxfam charity shop for a grand total of £1.99 which I was very pleased with. Over 700 pages with 171 different tales will keep me going for a while once I’ve gotten round to reading it at the moment it will have to be put on the TBR pile…

Next I brought the new Philip Pullman book, The Book of Dust. This is the first book of La Belle Sauvage, set in the same world as His Dark Materials but with a new set of characters, although the extract I had previously read features Lord Asriel questioning about Lyra so there is definitely some crossover involved… This is one that I am definitely looking forward to reading and actually began to on the bus ride to our next destination. So far it has gripped me and I regretted having to stop so we could get off. It is definitely one that will be reviewed in the near future as H.D.M. were joint with another book as my favourite for a long time. I got this one from W.H.Smith’s for a grand total of £9.00, considering other shops I has seen with it for sale at the RRP of £20.00. This book was drawing me into bookshops that we went past with an 8-year-old helping me with my search as we went around.

Because I brought The Book of Dust, I was entitled to a free copy of Artemis Fowl or The Huntress: Sea by Sarah Driver. Annoyingly I just purchased new copies of Artemis Fowl for the library or I would have got that as a part of our Year 7 reading challenge. Our copy of Sea has been lost, however, so it was a no-brainer as to which I was going to buy. Sea had been recommended to me by one of the teachers, who loved the illustrations around the edge of the pages that reflected what was going on at the time, and I had begun to read at work before it was lost. It is definitely one that I will be reading/finishing before it goes into the library system. (My brother got a free packet of sweets with this purchase thanks to O2 Priorities so he was also a very happy chappie).

Finally I brought Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday. This is a book that I know has been turned into a film in recent years but I am yet to watch it. As I have written on the library wall, “Don’t judge a book by its movie”, so I try to read the book before I watch the film (made an eventful reading of The Fault in our Stars by John Green as I was going to the preview the same night). I hope that this will be a worthwhile purchase as I didn’t really know a lot about the storyline but at £1.00 from a Tenovus charity shop I can’t complain.

4 books is very much a mini haul for me if I am spending the day shopping which I am not sure is good or bad. At least I have lived varied lives for those who read will live a thousand more lives than those who never pick up a book. Let me know if you love or hate these books if you have read them!

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